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Using the VueXR Rig plugin


The VueXR Rig Plugin serves as the gateway to immersive content creation within Unity. From placing XR content in real-world environments to adding interactive elements and event triggers, the VueXR Rig Plugin empowers creators to bring their vision to life with ease. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, this plugin streamlines the XR development process, allowing creators to focus on unleashing their creativity. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting in the world of XR, the VueXR Rig Plugin provides the tools and resources you need to build captivating experiences that push the boundaries of reality.


VueXR Rig is a plugin for Unity that enables creators to develop, upload, and manage XR experiences directly from the Unity 3D engine. With VueXR Rig, creators can leverage the powerful features of Unity to build interactive and immersive XR content, including AR and VR experiences. The plugin seamlessly integrates with the VueXR platform, providing a streamlined workflow for content creation, uploading, and management. By utilizing VueXR Rig, creators can harness the capabilities of Unity 3D while easily publishing their XR projects to the VueXR platform for others to explore and enjoy.

The VueXR Rig workspace is a dedicated environment within the Unity editor that seamlessly integrates Unity 3D and the VueXR platform. Here's an overview of the VueXR Rig workspace: